VACO Sp. z o.o.
is one of Poland’s leading
pest control companies.

More about the company:

In the market of pest control services, the company has developed its expertise and market position since 2002. For years, the company has been serving some of the largest international food, commercial and industrial companies, providing services for hundreds of thousands of people around the world every day. VACO specialists have designed, developed and implemented their own line of monitoring and pest control devices. The company is actively cooperating with its clients by providing them with solutions improving sanitary condition and water tightness. The main objective of VACO is to support businesses from different sectors of the economy in efficient and environmentally responsible protection of pests. VACO’s mission is to eliminate the losses and dangers associated with pests and improper methods of combating them.

„Increased mobility and security of our data. With Google and G Suite, we can finally start implementing ideas that make it easier for our employees to do their work”.

Why did you choose G Suite?
Cost reduction, data security and reliability. This is G Suite in a nutshell.

What was the motivation behind your decision? What was the biggest problem with the previous solution?
Recurring cost of Office suite, i.e. 1000 PLN, or CAL license for exchange server costing us 500 zł, basically never-ending expenses. In addition, in case of blackouts, our server room could only work for as long as our UPSs allowed, then the whole group lost e-mail access.

What changes have you observed after implementing the G Suite tools in your company?
Increased mobility and security of our data. With Google and G Suite, we can finally realize ideas that make it easier for our employees to work.

Which G Suite tools do you use most often?
Mail, Google Drive, Hangouts, and Google Docs.

What do you think about support from Fly On The Cloud?
There is no better partner in Poland than FOTC.

What was the implementation process like, and was our support satisfactory?
The implementation was long, because in the company we conducted deep analyses and created a full implementation methodology. The support provided by Marcin Milewski was very useful.

Do you feel that your business is secure?
Yes, we feel very safe, so we are increasing our integration with Google by moving our machines to the Google Cloud Platform. Of course with the help of Fly On The Cloud!

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