TRYUMF sp. z o.o.
Leading retailer of trophies and medals.

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TRYUMF, which has been operating since 1991, is now at the forefront of the sports trophies industry. Through comprehensive and fast customer support provided abroad and in the country, the company offers its customers excellent service and enjoys good reputation. The company’s offer is built around unique design, and includes sports, business, promotional trophies, awards and medals. The offer is complemented by the customization service using modern engraving and coloring technologies.

Krystian Siembida
Administrator baz danych

„Implementing G Suite in the company allowed us to cut down not only on the costs of office space, but also the security and recovery of lost data.”.

Why did you choose G Suite?
The reason we decided to use G Suite was its extensive range of online applications. The mailbox is easy to use. It’s clean and handles spam well, while the whole suite provides support for multiple document formats, and allows collaboration with many people at the same time. The functionalities offered by the G Suite have enabled our company to significantly reduce the cost of using and continually updating office software. Another reason we decided to use this service is the online drive. With unlimited space in the cloud, we can store all your important information and files and still access the data from anywhere, with the confidence it’s secure.

Why the decision? What was the biggest problem in the previous solution?
The biggest drawback of the previous solutions we used was that our office suites required regular, costly upgrades. Sometimes it was not possible to open a file stored in a version higher than the one used by our application staff, which resulted in inefficient customer service. Another problem we had to deal with was the loss of important data in case of disk failure. In many cases the recovery of lost data was costly and not 100% effective.

What changes have you observed after implementing the G Suite tools in your company?
Implementation of G Suite allowed us to cut down the costs of office space and security and recovery of lost data. In addition, Hangouts has facilitated and accelerated our in-house communications.

Which G Suite tools do you use the most?
The most commonly used services include Gmail, documents, drive, hangouts, and calendar.

What do you think about the support provided by Fly On The Cloud?
The support offered by Fly On The Cloud shows a high level of customer care. Whenever problems or questions arise, the company responds promptly and professionally.

What was the implementation process, and was the support satisfactory?
The implementation of G Suite was very smooth. In one day we got more than 100 people in the company working with the suite. During the implementation of G Suite, Fly On The Cloud demonstrated a great deal of expertise and showed us how to set up and prepare G Suite. The team also provided training for employees how to use the applications offered.

Do you feel that your business is secure?
We feel our data is safe.

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