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Take care of the sales process in your company


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50 000+
happy customers from
all over the world.

140+ countries

 Manage your sales


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Manage the sales

funnel conveniently. Make the most of your
time with a clean and organized sales funnel.

 Integrate your

 with Pipedrive and
send emails directly from it.

 Set reminders

in your calendars to make sure nothing
escapes your attention.

 Plan your actions

and boost your sales opportunities even further.
Organize your sales plan step by step.

Stay up-to-date

with your sales process. Respond accordingly and
see how your co-workers are doing.

Save time

by integrating with other systems.
Pipedrive connects to many other
applications you use on a daily basis.

 Track and test
your sales process

through intuitive reports. Practical and transparent
graphical reports allow you to plan
your sales for the coming months and quarters.

 Work wherever you are, the way you like.

 Start a trial period today
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No credit card required.

Why implement Pipedrive
with Fly on the Cloud?

We issue invoices in PLN, EUR and USD

We offer assistance in migration and implementation of Pipedrive

Companies working with us receive comprehensive Pipedrive training courses

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