Consultation and analysis

Specialists from our implementation department will help you to set up and prepare each product to meet your requirements. Implementation of our products in your company is a multi-stage process. The process starts with an analysis of your company’s existing systems, which is the basis for every implementation, allowing us to select the right tools and resources, estimate the amount of data to be transferred, and time needed to deploy – this is called the estimation.

We start configuration work

with preparation of the administration console, which allows us to manage the selected services. Our team will guide you through the administration console, and in case of problems, provide support. We know that set-up and configuration can be time-consuming, so we have simplified the process to make it as hassle-free as possible. The next step is creation of accounts for your users, which you can do yourself with a simple administration console, or use our technical support team to help you if you encounter any difficulties. You can set up accounts individually or synchronize them in bulk with other solutions you use in your organization.


When moving to a new solution, don’t forget about the data we have gathered in your existing tool – our service pack allows you will also to migrate your data. We will transfer all files and emails to new accounts. The entire process is completely hassle-free for users who can continue working in the background. For data migration, we use the tools provided by Google, Facebook, Livechat, Zendesk and our own solutions developed over the years. The migration time depends on several factors: the amount of data, the speed of APIs and the Internet connection, and the number of user accounts. At this stage we maintain contact the client and we are constantly trying to estimate the time required to complete the migration process.


The successful migration process is a sign that we can start preparing the customer to switch to the selected service. With the help of our specialists and their training, we will prepare the employees for the first contact with the service, and provide help getting acquainted with the applications. Our webinars and thematic workshops will help you understand the service, give your employees confidence with the new applications, and make the implementation completely hassle-free.


Once the new environment is set-up and ready, we remain in touch, and we keep an eye on the correctness of the application. The correct implementation of our products is also ensured by our local support team, which means that you do not need to know English to report a technical problem and the response time to the application is reduced to just a few minutes. When you have an idea for a new feature, need a change or a additional functionality, we’ll help you find the right tools and we’ll explain how they work.

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