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Pieprzyk Sp. z o. o.
Petrol station company

 More about the company:

Grupa PIEPRZYK is a group of companies operating in Europe since 1989. The group has a strong foundation in the form of Polish capital. The biggest value of the company are its employees, and we are more than a thousand strong. We work with well-known companies such as: PKN ORLEN S.A., Grupa LOTOS S.A., BP Polska Sp. z o.o., Volkswagen AG, Müller Sachsen GmbH, Shell Poland and others.

Tomasz Fronda

„Inbox has allowed us to improve our task management. Sharing calendars speeds up scheduling meetings”.

Why did you choose G Suite?
With the growth of our company, we realized the growing risk resulting from the circulation of information and documents inside the company. Inadequate information or even lack of information often led to unfavorable decisions. Gathering information from executives was time-consuming and prone to errors. Solutions improving teamwork and the use of forms has given us hope to remedy this situation. We reached the point where we had to choose between two options: Employ “assistants” to help us keep our records, remind us of important meetings or appointments — or implement relevant technology that would help us run the company.

How was your decision motivated? What was the biggest problem with your previous solution?
Lack of access to documents outside the office caused delays in solving problems. Mailboxes using POP3 did not allow us full access to our messages while working in the field or at home.

What changes have you observed after implementing the G Suite tools in your company?
Employees appreciate forms and find them very easy to use. Inbox has allowed us to improve our task management. Shared calendars help us speed up the process of scheduling meetings. We work extensively on documents and share them with colleagues. Personally, I can not imagine going back to the way I worked before the G Suite implementation

Which G Suite tools do you use most often?
More and more users use Inbox as a very good job organizer. Both the accounting and the management staff use Sheets. Forms are a great complement to Sheets and facilitate collection of information. The app allows us to quickly survey what information we need, which makes the support process faster.

What do you think about the support from Fly On The Cloud?
Very positive. We miss the meetings we had before we signed the cooperation agreement.


What was the implementation process like? Was our support satisfactory?
Marcin Milewski took care of us. The collaboration has been very good. The problems we report are usually quickly resolved. The process of implementing / switching to Google accounts was done at the pace that suited us. We migrated our users slowly, giving them enough time. If needed, we organized trainings, led by Paweł Kotuliński and Marcin Milewski.

Do you feel that your business is secure?
A very difficult question? Considering how easy it is to “acquire” digital data nowadays I think no solution is safe. Despite our education, our users are not aware of how easily they can fall victim to criminals. Nevertheless, G Suite provides a number of applications and methods that allow us to secure the data in some way. Using the 2-step authentication is a great example, although only 3-5% of our users use it. Everyone is aware of the risk of robbery in the street and tries to protect against it. We just don’t expect using a computer in the office or at home to be harmful in any way. This is obviously a dangerous misconception, but nicely reflects what most users think.

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