Ebook – 101 tricks in Google Spreadsheets

    Ebook – 101 tricks in Google Spreadsheets

      Why was this ebook written?

      We have noticed that a significant number of companies and individuals have yet to profit from using the full potential of Google Sheets.

      We hope that the set of guidelines contained in this ebook will help improve the work and collaboration of many teams.


      Knowledge contained in this publication should be canonic to anyone who wants to get the most out of Google software.

      Marketing i Biznes

      Free knowledge is often associated with low-quality content, but this ebook proves that it’s not always the case. Have you ever thought about using sheets in your company? If so, this ebook is a must-have

      Szymon Słowik

      Although I’ve been using Google Sheets in my daily work for years, I admit that I wasn’t aware of all the possibilities until the lecture of this guide. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to find out how versatile this tool can be.

      Robert Marczak

      This practical guide collects all the handy functions of Google Sheets in one place. Thanks to the ebook, you’ll be able to plan the work of a whole team using only Google tools.

      101 tricks

      We want to share with you our extensive experience with working on Google Sheets.

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      Collection of tricks

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      Useful hints

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      Practical examples

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      Ready-made templates

      Table of Contents

      We believe in transparency,

      so take a peek at what’s waiting for you inside our publication:

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      1. Cooperation

      Access management, range protection and history of changes – how to work safely in teams on company’s data.

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      2. Useful shortcuts

      Macros, formulas and shortcut keys – we present the best ways to speed up your work.

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      3. Databases

      Importing data from other spreadsheets, stock exchange and websites – collection of all possible methods.

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      4. Basic calculation formulas

      7 most commonly used formulas that are the basis of building custom formulas.

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      5. Formatting

      Presenting large amounts of data in a clear and comprehensible way.

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      6. Data visualization

      A few methods of creating compelling charts and tables.

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      7. Integrations with other Google services

      Creating reports and dashboards within the Google ecosystem.

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      8. Useful add-ons

      Broadening the functionality of Google Sheets with selected third-party plugins.

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      9. Script editor – code your own functions in Sheets

      Customisation of functions and add-ons in Google Sheets.

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      10. Ready-made templates

      10 ready-to-use templates that you can use in your daily work.

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