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Center for Research on Totalitarianism
Polish cultural institution set up under the auspices of the
Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

More about the research center:

Witold Pilecki Center for Research on Totalitarianism is a cultural institution established in 2016. It pursues interdisciplinary research and reflection on the Polish experience of two totalitarianisms in the twentieth century. They document totalitarian crimes by gathering testimonies of victims, their families and loved ones. They support scholarship, publish primary sources and own translations, and foster international academic exchange. The center also carries on publishing and educational activities. We work to both inspire and promote the most interesting artistic and cultural productions related to the history and experience of totalitarianism.

Justyna Zybert
Specjalista ds. Administracji

„General communication in the company is much simpler. The tools are intuitive and transparent and there is nothing that we would be dissatisfied with”.

Why did you choose G Suite??
Following our review of the available solutions and their comparison we decided on G Suite due to its rich set of features. The decision was motivated by the fact that many of our employees know Gmail.

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What changes have you observed after implementing G Suite in your company?
General communication in the company is much simpler. The tools are intuitive and transparent, and there is nothing we would be dissatisfied with.
The biggest advantage for me is technical support. As the person responsible for the correct functioning of Internet services, I appreciate the fact that Suite allows me to always get information quickly and easily.

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Which G Suite tools do you use most?
We usually use email and cloud data storage.

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What do you think about the support provided by Fly On The Cloud?
I often give tips and advice helping me get the most of the suite.
Fly On The Cloud employees are exceptionally patient and provide step-by-step explanations if needed.

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Warunki przechowywania i dostępu do ciasteczek możesz w każdej chwili zmienić w ustawieniach przeglądarki.