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We had the opportunity to ask some questions about the service
and we got all the answers we needed
and, perhaps most importantly, at a rapid pace..

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Brand24 is the most effective way to monitor what people on the Internet say about your brand. It’s also a tool that allows monitoring of buzz around a brand, product, or selected keyword. The service creates a complete archive of what the Internet says about your product or brand, and once the service is implemented, it starts collecting the data for future reference. Brand24 is also a source of analyses and reports giving a comprehensive knowledge of the customers. The tool allows to observe their behavior, opinions, and related trends. Brand24 is a way to create of a new channel of communication with customers, allowing to improve sales, and reinforce the positive image of the brand, product or service.

michał sadowski

Michał Sadowski
CEO & Founder w Brand 24

„Better communication in the company, better document flow, improved workflow, and of course no spam!”.

Why did you choose G Suite?
First of all, we value the mobility of the service and the possibility of working offline. Our #1 priority was the availability of e-mail (we wanted to minimize downtime). In addition, once you start using Gmail’s completely spam-less mailboxes you will notice how bad other mailboxes actually are… Our time is too precious to spend time deleting dozens of unwanted emails every day. This it time we’d rather spend on the development of our company.

What caused it? What was the biggest problem with your previous solution?
We have always tried to work using the best tools. The previous version of our mail had only 15 GB capacity and, since our company is growing, we found we needed at least another 15 GB! We also hired new people, and in the previous solution there was a limit.


What changes have you observed after implementing the G Suite tools in your company?
Better communication in the company, better circulation of documents, as well as streamlined workflow and, of course, no spam!

Which G Suite tools do you use most often?
Mail, Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts — all indispensable!

What do you think about the support from Fly on the cloud?
We had the opportunity to ask a few questions about the service and received all the answers almost immediately.

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