What are chatbots and how can they improve your customer service


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Chatbots are the new buzzword among customer support professionals. More and more businesses implement this solution every day. Why? Because when it comes to shopping online, patience is a scarce resource. Your clients want their questions answered instantly, so they can make an informed purchase decision and move on with their lives. 

What is a Chatbot? 

Chatbots are here to revolutionize the way you think about customer service. Basically, it is a type of software powered by a script or artificial intelligence that you can interact with via short text messages. Sounds simple, right? It only confirms the old truth that simple solutions work best. With chatbots, possibilities are endless. 

Chatbots can be an alternative or addition to already popular live chats. The difference between live chat and chatbot is that with chatbots, there’s no human involved. 

How do chatbots work? 

Chatbots are programmed in a way that allows them to understand queries formulated in natural language and simulate the response of a real human. They usually work accordingly to a fixed script. However, if they are run by Al, they can learn patterns of behaviors from their interlocutors and mirror them in the future. 

Chatbots can be implemented in popular communicators (like Slack, Messenger, Discord, Telegram) as well as in any other app or on a website. Once they’re programmed, chatbots don’t require any supervision at all. 

Who can profit from introducing chatbots? 

The short answer is – you. No matter what kind of product or service your online business provides, chatbots can automate most of the tedious and recurring tasks that your customer support representatives need to deal with every day. 

But customer service isn’t the only way to put a chatbot to good use! It can be a source of entertainment, knowledge, or even a substitute for human-to-human interaction. 

See for yourself how many uses a chatbot can have. 

Examples of chatbots use 

CNN news bot – it’s a bot for Facebook Messenger that sends you top stories and updates whenever something important happens in the world. That’s one way to keep up with the press. 

Scheduling bot – Tired of keeping track of all the appointments? Get yourself an artificial secretary that will schedule and remind you about all the meetings. It’s both convenient and time-saving 

Weather bot – if you add it as your contact on Telegram, it will send you a whether 

forecast for the city of your choice. You won’t forget an umbrella ever again. 

HealthTap – Bots can even help you self-diagnose some of the non-life threatening health issues! HealthTap is like a miniature doctor in your pocket.

AnswerBot – it automate suggestions of ready-made solutions and instructions to customers before an agent needs to intervene and help personally.

Chatbots cut your operational expenses 

According to IBM, chatbots can reduce your spendings on customer service by 30%. A chatbot is a one-time investment that just keeps on giving. After a successful implementation of this solution, you will quickly notice a significant reduction of workload for your employees. 

Thanks to this, you can assign new and more interesting tasks to your workers, and enjoy a much more cost-efficient customer service. 

Do chatbots have any drawbacks? 

Chatbots can’t show genuine empathy like the real people – granted. But keep in mind that if resolving a case is taking too long, then no amount of empathy will ease your client’s frustration. Chatbots deal with the problem at once, so no apologies are needed. 

In summary: chatbots get things done 

Chatbots, if programmed accordingly to your needs, have the potential to make customer satisfaction rates in your business skyrocket. Introducing this simple solution saves you lots of time and money. Allocate those valuable resources to other high-priority areas and let your business grow.

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