Top 5 Google Sheets add-ons


Google Sheets is a free tool for creating spreadsheets. Google Sheets are particularly valued for enabling colleagues to work together on the same file. There is another secret feature which makes Sheets incredibly effective: add-ons. Think of add-ons as something like web browser extensions, but ones that are designed specifically for Google Sheets.

Here are 5 add-ons that will vastly improve your work with Spreadsheets from G Suite.

Spreadsheet as a calendar

This add-on helps you combine Google Sheets and Google Calendar. It allows to create events that can then be easily imported into Google Calendar. This is especially useful when creating work schedules. You can import up to 20 events at once in the free version, and up to 100 events in the paid version. This add-on lets you forget about the constant switching between Google Sheets and Calendar.

Advanced “Find and Replace”

“Find and Replace” is an add-on that lets you quickly and accurately modify spreadsheets. Making changes manually is not only time-consuming, but also prone to mistakes. The task of this function is to check the data in the cell, links and notes, and then replace the found information with the desired values.

Delete duplicates in spreadsheets

When working on a large amount of data in a spreadsheet, there is a risk that some content may get duplicated. Duplicates can lead to generating incorrect information and, in consequence, wrong conclusions. Searching for duplicate data manually would be incredibly time-consuming. By using Remove Duplicates, it is possible to remove duplicate content quickly and efficiently.

Power Tools for better work efficiency

Power Tools is a set of over 20 functions for Google Sheets. They allow to perform specific actions in spreadsheets more efficiently – both simple and complex ones. Power Tools saves time and increases work efficiency. This add-on will work primarily during monotonous work and tedious repetition of routine activities such as changing the size of letters or adding up values in cells by colors.

Merge Sheets, or how to easily merge sheets

Combining data from two different sheets has never been easier. If you have at least one common column in both tables, the add-on will update current values for the same records and/or insert all the missing information. Merge Sheets plugin retrieves and analyzes information from both documents and then transfers them to one without duplicating content.

These and other practical functions are presented during the G Suite training for companies that we organize in our Wrocław office or at the client’s premises.

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