Top 10 Google Docs tricks


Running your business, regardless of whether it is online or brick and mortar, requires tools that make your work more productive. Google Docs is an excellent application that greatly increases the business activity of a company. Thanks to this innovative service, you can easily carry out activities ranging from the simplest to the more complex. Google Docs gives us access to, among others, a text editor, a spreadsheet and applications for creating presentations.

Convenient and simple management of created documents makes our work easier and allows us to access the documents at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. Below I will present the top 10 tricks that will help you become more creative and efficient with this application.

Creating templates

docs templates

Google documents allow you to create lists, brochures or reports very easily using practical templates that allow users to create documents on various topics. It is possible to develop various types of calendars, letters, invitations, newsletters or even invoices.

Suggestion Mode

An extremely important function of Google Docs is the ability of collaborative work. Such cooperation will be facilitated by the Suggestion Mode, which will allow users to leave suggestions that you accept, change or reject. Each suggestion made in the document will be clearly color coded.

Use your voice to write


voice typing docs
There are many situations in which it is more convenient to speak rather than to type. That’s why it is worth trying out the latest voice writing function. All you need to do is select Voice typing in your tools. Then click the black microphone icon and start talking after it turns red. You can also add punctuation marks while recording.

Assigning comments to colleagues

assign comment to someone

When more than two people work on a document, it is worth clearly indicating which part requires the response of a particular person. The easiest way to do this is by assigning a comment to the specific person. All you have to do is enter the “+” sign in the comment input field and then enter the email address of the person to whom you assign the comment.


As an entrepreneur, you need an application that will allow you to collaborate with clients in an easy and accessible way. UberConfrerence is an easy-to-use application for online conferences and negotiations which makes communication extremely pleasant. All you have to do is turn on the add-on and invite your friends or colleagues. Once accepted, everyone will be able to view and edit the document during a conference call.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs that speed up text editing. The most useful ones are:

Ctrl+Home: Move back to the top of the document.

Ctrl+B: Bold.

Ctrl + Shift + E: Center text.

Ctrl + Shift + L: Align left

Ctrl + Alt + M: Insert a comment

Translation of texts

translate file google docs
Google Translate helps you quickly translate entire pages between dozens of languages. Of course, it happens that some words are not translated or some phrases are missing, so remember that translating this way is just the first step. If you intend to use a machine translated document, e.g. during a meeting with a client or on a website, please review it and make your own corrections.

Creating surveys

We feel like going out, but we can’t set a date? Let our colleagues vote through Google on what time suits them best! To create a survey, simply open Google Forms that allows you to create surveys easily and intuitively.

Quick error correction

Instead of scrolling the screen back and forth in search for errors, let’s use spell check: click Tools and Spelling and grammar. Application 

Google Docs available in G Suite will display all errors with correction suggestions. We can correct them as suggested by clicking the Accept button, or ignore the error using the Ignore button.

Sharing documents

The ability to share documents is one of the biggest advantages of Google Docs. In the browser, open the document and click on the Share button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Then enter the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send the file. We can allow them to edit it, add comments or just read.

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