How to increase Google Drive storage?


increase google drive storage

Nowadays, we are increasingly working in the cloud and that’s where we keep most of our files. Google Drive has become a place where we can store files related to both professional and private life.  This tool gives us a lot of possibilities such as browsing files from various mobile devices and sharing them. Space for data is shared between Gmail, photos and Google Drive.

Free Google account holders only have 15 GB of cloud space. However, in reality it turns out that storage of this size is not always enough for users. What can we do if there is not enough Google Drive space?

It is certainly worth considering purchasing the G Suite, which in the Basic version offers us 30 GB, while in the Business package we have unlimited disk space (for companies with a minimum of 5 users). 

The use of data depends in particular on the nature of our business. Software development companies, marketing agencies or accounting offices – each of these organizations will store files of different format and size. Even if we have 1 TB of cloud space, it may still not be enough for our employees.

Fortunately, there are two ways we can increase Google Drive storage

✔️ The first is to buy 100 GB or 1TB of additional space at The payment is made on a monthly or annual basis by direct debit. Bills are available on Google Payments at, through the account from which the purchase was made. By connecting a payment card to a user account, in addition to adding Google Drive storage, we can buy any applications from the Google Play store. After making purchases, the fee for the selected service will be charged to our account. This method seems very convenient, however, the problem occurs when the invoice is generated. If we want to receive a purchase confirmation, we need to contact Google support. Then you will receive a VAT invoice issued in Euro.

✔️ Another way to increase Google Drive space is to purchase a license through a G Suite Partner, which we can assign to a specific user. 

The rates in the Partner offer are regulated directly by Google, therefore it is not possible to negotiate. 

The full price list can be found at

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