What is the Google Cloud Platform and how does it support business?


Business is going thorugh a digital transformation – companies from various sectors go online or have already been there for some time and are now focusing on development.  The internet has become a meeting spot not only for e-commerce, but also for services associated with entertainment, finance, construction, medicine… There is a growing number of advanced solutions – internet platforms, mobile applications and internal company systems.  Each of them should have strong foundations – depending on the business requirements and at the same time not consuming most of the budget.

One of the most significant technological decisions to make is the choice of an infrastructure solution. A growing number of companies decide to use the cloud. This is due to the level of efficiency, availability and safety of the solution.  The proper structure and configuration of the cloud infrastructure is associated with a relatively low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), with simultaneous maintenance of scalability and development possibilities.  

One of the most popular cloud technologies (apart from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) is the Google Cloud Platform.

What is the GCP?

Google Cloud Platform (also referred to as the abbreviated version GCP) is a set of cloud computing services and tools offered by, of course, Google.  Google shares not only the server space but also gives the possibility to individually create your own infrastructure, adjusted to your needs. At the moment (June 2020) the GCP shares over 170 cloud services, tools and components that can be added to any infrastructure or removed – depending on the current and future needs.   

The services available on the Google Cloud Platform support:

  • Easy start of applications, irrespective of the technologies of its creation, 
  • Implementation of new functionalities and the modification of the existing ones without the need to introduce larger server changes, 
  • Safety – protection against attacks from outside and identifying the dangers within the organization, 
  • Safe and scalable storage of files, objects and contents,
  • Creating and using various types of databases,
  • Instant data processing and real time synchronization,
  • Creating and managing networks with particular focus on safety, availability and efficiency,  
  • Process monitoring, error tracking and bottleneck identification,
  • Easy handling of solutions by developers by means of providing libraries, tools and private repository,
  • Analysis and managing large data quantity (BigData),
  • Development of artifical intelligence (AI),
  • Machine learning (ML),
  • The Internet of Things sector (IoT),
  • Creating and managing API (Application Programming Interface) and monitoring its usage,
  • Handling and development of hybrid solutions and multicloud,
  • Navigating between solutions.

The Google Cloud Platform allows you to install and develop any product – blogs, mobile applications,  platforms for BigData analysis, ERP systems for corporations and software based on machine learning. By means of a careful selection of the cloud component, you will be able to use the full potential of the products with relatively low maintenance costs.

Who uses the Google Cloud Platform?

The GCP is a very flexible solution. It can be used by individual website or application owners, startups, companies, corporations. Google allows to create an infrastructure based on  the real business needs, leaving the technological requirements  less significant.

Here are some examples of popular companies using the possibilities of the Google Cloud Platform:

  • PayPal with 300 million clients, active on 200 markets with transactions made in 100 different currencies. The company has created its own infrastructure based on the GCP – safe, stable, with large availability that enables data storage and processing, increases the productivity of developing teams and accelerates system development by means of selecting the proper GCP services. PayPal also uses the computing cloud output and the possibility of analysis that allow to develop the product in the most suitable direction;
  • Spotify uses the GCP computing output in order to manage the data bulks and handle in real time the large numbers of enquiries – the platform is used by over 200 million users and there are 40,000 new songs and recordings added on a daily basis; 
  • Revolut, based on the GCP has created a scalable, stable and safe infrastructure that supports the automation of implementations and the speed of the performed transactions in various currencies;  
  • GitLab, by means of the GCP solutions, guarantees constant integration (CI/CD) and a high level of the platform efficiency and availability; 
  • Twitter uses the GCP computing output and the possibility of storing and processing large bulks of data;
  • Burger King, based on the GCP possibilities, has created for its German branch an internal analysis platform processing data regarding production, transactions, client reactions from over 700 restaurants;  
  • The New York Times, thanks to the Google Cloud Platform, has created a large web based archive with any pictures, videos, articles and information that have ever been made public under its business name;
  • 20th Century Fox uses the Artificial Intelligence possibilities and Machine Learing to create scripts predicting financial liquidity and long-term income increase.

Advantages of selecting Google Cloud Platform


Unlike other infrastructure solutions, with the GCP you only pay for the real time usage – additionally on a second basis. If your application is not working, you do not bear the costs. During intense traffic you have enough space in the cloud to maintain the high availability – and even then the Google Cloud Premier Partner you cooperate with or the Google platform itself will fulfill the need to optimize costs.


The Google Cloud Platform guarantees among the popular providers the best stability and time of activity – at the level of 99,95%. This means that your website, application or system will be available 24/7, irrespective of the number of users or amount of processed data.


Safety is the key business value offered by Google. It has been developing its digital safety model for over 20 years. The current solutions have a number of control procedures (i.a. coding, advanced authorization, access control, access logs, etc). The cloud solution undergoes regular safety audits that monitor their compliance with SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 type II standard.


Google offers a selection of tools and services easy to compone and payable on a second basis. This allows to focus on the business development and forget issues connected with physical maintenance of servers, limited disk space, no scalability, overload and inadequately large costs.  

GCP supports organizations by offering a fluent adjustment of solutions to the changing needs.

Free Google Cloud – collect your 500$ voucher

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