Gmail for business – everything you need to know before implementing it


Gmail for business

Gmail for business, or the so-called G Suite, is a secure company email service based on well-known Google tools. This service was initially called Google Apps for Work, and until the end of 2012 users were able to use the free, stripped down version called G Suite Legacy. Currently, the G Suite package has all the office applications necessary for teamwork, from Gmail, through Spreadsheets, to Hangouts Chat. Google listens to its customers and provides them with new features such as dark mode in Android, Keep and scheduling of message sending.

G Suite features

G Suite has been designed with any company in mind. The service is perfectly suitable for a sole proprietorship, a small startup and a large enterprise. The offered tools allow for effective communication, work organization and cooperation. The biggest advantage of G Suite is the ability to connect your own domain to Gmail to create the image of a professional company.

The G Suite consists of:


Using the package allows for efficient cooperation between all our employees, regardless of where they are. The applications allow you to facilitate communication, chat conversations and video calls with clients from around the world. In addition, our employees will be able to easily schedule meetings at convenient times and reserve company resources.

Efficient communication is enabled by:

  • Gmail – secure company email in your own domain, no spam or ads
  • Calendar – an application that enables efficient time management by creating meetings, adding colleagues and company resources
  • Hangouts Chat – an application that lets you communicate with colleagues and clients
  • Hangouts Meet – an application that allows you to create video conferences


The Google office suite allows collaboration in real time on documents, presentations,  spreadsheets and more Therefore, we can carry out projects without downloading countless file versions.

These applications are helpful:

  • Google Docs – application for creating online documents
  • Google Sheets – application that allows creating online spreadsheets
  • Google Slides – application that allows creating online presentations
  • Google Keep – application that allows creating notes
  • Google Forms – application for creating online surveys


Thanks to the fact that G Suite users store their files in the cloud, they can search and access them from any mobile device after logging into their account.

This is facilitated by:

  • Google Drive – a service for storing and synchronizing files
  • Google Cloud Search – search engine that enables searching company content


By using Google tools, we can be sure that all our files are secure. Applications such as Vault allow data to be archived and secured, for example, for legal proceedings. The admin panel allows you to create accounts, configure devices and manage all services.

Gmail for business for free – is it possible?

G Suite for Nonprofits

Google dedicated the free G Suite to NGOs. It is useful because it allows you to improve the work of the entire unit, create collections online and engage more and more volunteers.

To use the free version of G suite, an organization should:

  • have an official status of a charity,
  • be verified as a nonprofit organization by TechSoup or a TechSoup regional partner.
  • be a public benefit organization, foundation or association registered in the National Court Register, or a similar official national register.

G Suite for Education

Schools and universities can also use the free version of the package. To become a recipient of G Suite Enterprise for Education, several conditions must be met:

  • the institution must have a verified nonprofit status
  • the institution must be an accredited educational institution recognized by the state authorities
  • the institution must award internationally recognized education certificates

We devoted a separate blog post to the free version of G Suite for Education and for Nonprofits

G Suite Legacy

G Suite Legacy is a free version of the G Suite package that you could sign up to until the end of 2012. Registered users can still use it, but this version does not have all the features and possibilities offered by the paid G Suite.

Free trial period

Every company, regardless of industry, has the opportunity to test the G Suite for free for 30 days. To start the free trial, simply register on our website.

Gmail for business price list

The package price depends on the version we choose.

  • the entry level Basic package costs 5.2 EUR per user
  • the most popular Business package is 10.4 EUR per user
  • the extended Enterprise package costs 23 EUR per user

See all features in a full pricing.

Opinions of G Suite users

The implementation of professional Gmail has solved various problems of many companies. It improved their communication and allowed them to perform their daily work faster and more efficiently. Why choose G Suite? How was the cooperation? What problems have been resolved? Answers to these questions and opinions of companies such as Booksy,  can be found in the Case Studies tab on our website. 

If your company is considering moving the email service to Google, please contact us for free consulting, technical support and assistance in implementing the service. As a Premium Google Partner, we have been implementing G Suite in companies in Europe for over 5 years.

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