G Suite Promo Code for 12 months


g suite promo code

Have you ever thought about using G Suite productivity apps in your business?  Now’s the best time to move your company’s data to Google Cloud. Fly On The Cloud has a G Suite discount code for you. You can have Gmail for business and all the apps associated with it cheaper for a full 12 months.

How much can you save with G Suite promo code?

G Suite pricing is not complicated – this service is a simple subscription, and each of the three available options has a different monthly price per user account.

Regular prices for G Suite are:

  • G Suite Basic – 5.20 euro per user account/per month 
  • G Suite Business – 10.40 euro per user account/per month 
  • G Suite Enterprise – 23 euro per user account/per month

With the G Suite promo code from Fly On The Cloud you will pay for the next 12 months only:

  • 4.68 euros (license/month) for G Suite Basic 
  • 9.36 euros (license/month)  for G Suite Business 
  • 20.70 euros (license/month) for G Suite Enterprise 

g suite promo code discount

For example, if you want to buy 15 G Suite Business accounts, now is the best time for it, because during the next twelve months you’ll save €182.20 (exchange rate from 18/02/20).

How to use G Suite promo code?

Fill in the contact form on our website and enter the following promotional code in the last field: GSUITE10%

Or, alternatively, you can just drop us an email on the address: sales@flyonthecloud.com. Be sure to include GSUITE10% in the email title or body!

Paweł Nawara, who coordinates the promotional program, will contact you, and then guide you through the registration process for the G Suite service. If you want to stay up to date with G Suite discounts that Paweł negotiates for customers, join his network of contacts on LinkedIn: ✈️ Paweł Nawara

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