Dark mode in Gmail available on Android and iOS


gmail app dark mode android

For many people, Gmail is one of the most commonly used applications, especially on business phones. Until recently, the theme of the Gmail mobile application was red, but white dominated the background. However, we will soon be able to choose whether we want to use the application in dark or light colors.

motyw ciemny GmailThe dark theme in Gmail is not surprising – Google is gradually introducing this possibility to all of its applications. We have recently reported that Google Calendar and Keep notes can be used in subdued colors. The desktop version of Gmail has had very extensive appearance personalization options for a long time. Now is the time for change in the mobile app.

Why use a dark theme in Gmail?

The dark theme in Gmail application is a novelty that we were looking forward to, primarily because we care about our eyes and the batteries of our smartphones. White is a very demanding color, the display of which drains the phone’s battery much faster than other colors. In addition, when we look at a white screen for a long time in a dark room, we risk experiencing negative side effects.

How to enable dark theme in Gmail?

The implementation of dark mode in Gmail application started on September 24 and will take about 15 days. By default, this function will be adjusted to the global settings of your smartphone, but it will be automatically turned on when you enter the battery saving mode.


To enable dark theme on Android 10, choose Settings > Theme, then Dark. Unfortunately, earlier-generation Android users will not find this option on their phones.


In iOS 11 or 12, you can enable dark theme by going to Gmail settings and then selecting Dark theme. This option is not available for iPhones with iOS below 11.

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