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Best Gmail Add-ons

Gmail is the most recognized email service in the world. It offers many interesting solutions such as confidential messages, read confirmation and the ability to schedule messages. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is already used by over 1.5 billion active users. In practice, this means that 1 in 5 people globally use it. In the B2B sector, over 5 million companies and organizations already use Gmail as part of the G Suite package.

In today’s article, we introduce useful Gmail add-ons that will help you expand and personalize your mail.


Have you ever wondered what happens to the e-mail after you send it? Gmelius extension answers this question, and many more.

Gmelius allows, among others, to monitor whether the recipient has opened the email we sent and to track the recipient’s activity by monitoring the number of clicks on the email and the frequency of its opening. It may also be useful to be able to unsubscribe from a mailing list without opening the message. Another very practical feature can be Smart Follow-ups, thanks to which we set reminders for messages that no one has replied to. It is worth taking a closer look at this add-on and checking all its features, and there are a lot of them.


This application allows you to organize your mailbox in the form of tables. The extension scans our inbox and then organizes everything so that emails can be turned into specific tasks.

Incoming messages are displayed on the left side of the inbox. Whereas on the right side there are 4 boards: task list, follow up list and two boards, which can have custom labels. All you have to do to organize your mail is to drag emails to the chosen board.

Sortd should particularly appeal to our sales persons, because it works and looks like many CRM solutions available on the market.



Gmail NOTes

Gmail NOTes allows you to create notes in an email. You might think that it doesn’t have very powerful functions, but it works in a similar way comments are used in Google Docs.

We can create notes not only for ourselves, but also share them with others by sending a message.

Convert Google Docs to Gmail drafts

This is an extension that may not be used in everyday correspondence, but it will definitely come in handy when writing more complicated emails.

Unfortunately, Gmail has relatively limited text formatting options. Therefore, if we want to write a more complicated email in a specific format so that it is more readable for the recipient, this add-on may prove useful. Its operation is quite straightforward. Just prepare the message you want to send in Google Docs, and then use the dedicated button to convert it directly to Gmail.

Grammarly for Chrome

This is an add-on that will be useful to people who often communicate in English. In addition to detecting errors, in many cases it offers an explanation of the error and also shows how we can correct it.


Streak is an add-on that allows you to manage customer relationships. It gives you the ability to create entire projects from the level of your email. It is possible to assign tasks to specific users, describe the course of the project and automatically inform about changes. After the completion of a given project, Streak allows you to generate a report summarizing the work of the group and individual employees.



Rename Email

This add-on allows you to change the email subject. Sometimes the email subject is unclear to us, or it would be easier for us to find it in a different way. The senders will not be aware of a change in its title. They will find out only when you reply to them. It can be used, among others, to break a long conversation thread.


This add-on allows you to create professional-looking and personalized email signatures. Thanks to WiseStamp it is possible to add social media and logos to the footer, as well as to promote individual posts and share quotes.


This add-on displays useful information about the people who send us messages and allows us to find the address of anyone without leaving your inbox. Clearbit allows you to search for people by organization name or position.



Asana for Gmail

An add-on that allows you to manage projects and turn emails into tasks without leaving Gmail.

In addition to integration with Asana, Gmail also has the ability to create tasks in Trello, thanks to the default add-on located on the left side of the panel.

dodatek asana gmail

To download any add-on, just go to Gmail, click the settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner, and then go to Download add-ons. Questions? We are waiting for them in the comments.

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